UPMC Washington Children’s Therapy Center is the largest and most comprehensive pediatric therapy program in Washington County, PA. For over 25 years, we have provided essential rehabilitation services for children ages birth to 18. In partnership with parents and caregivers, we work together to understand your child’s needs, personality, and learning style, and to use that knowledge to help your child reach his or her fullest potential.

Our qualified therapists have extensive training and experience treating children with a variety of disorders, including developmental motor or speech delays, sensory processing disorders, cerebral palsy, attention deficit disorder, autism spectrum disorder, hearing loss and cochlear implant rehabilitation, orthopedic injuries, articulation deficits and many others.

Children-Only Facility

Pediatric rehabilitation is very different from adult rehabilitation. Our center features child-sized equipment and utilizes exercises that incorporate play and games specifically designed for children.  Our gyms, sensory and private treatment rooms, therapeutic pool equipment (at Wilfred R. Cameron Wellness Center), and handicap accessible playgrounds are all designed to help create a variety of therapeutic environments to facilitate progress.

Frequently Asked Questions

Children must qualify for school-based services. A child cannot receive speech, occupational or physical therapy unless they meet the criterion set up by the state to be eligible for special education. Goals are set that are related to how your child functions in the school. On the other hand, private services are medical-based. If your child exhibits difficulties, our therapists will target those needs. You will be involved in your child’s treatment plan and progress. Some families choose to have both school-based and private services for their child. The therapists at the Center are happy to collaborate with school-based therapy to ensure consistency of care.

Yes. Early intervention services are provided in the natural environment for children birth to 3. Like school-based services, your child must qualify for services. Private center- based services are medical-based. If your child exhibits difficulties, our therapists will target those needs. The therapists at CTC will collaborate with your Early Intervention team to ensure consistent care.

At CTC, we accept most insurance including Highmark Blue Cross/Blue Shield, UPMC, United Healthcare, all PA Medicaids, Chipp KIDS, Cigna, and Aetna. Insurance coverage for individual therapy services is dependent upon your personal plan or employer sponsored plan. For questions regarding your particular plan’s coverage for therapy services, please call the phone number on the back of your insurance card.

We have discounted self-pay rates to help make services more affordable. You can be told the cost in advance through a good faith estimate if your insurance does not cover services and you elect to self-pay for therapy services. Another option may be to seek secondary insurance coverage. We can help you learn how you can pursue that additional coverage.

This depends on your child’s needs. Most children receive services twice weekly for 30-minute sessions. We also see children once a week, monthly, and/or as needed. This will be decided together with your therapist at the time of the initial evaluation.

Every child is different. Progress depends on your child, regular attendance to therapy and your commitment to caring over improvement strategies (home programs) daily with your child.

We will need a physician’s prescription for therapy services. You should ask your PCP for a prescription that says “speech therapy, OT, and/or PT evaluation and treatment”.

Therapy looks a lot like play but it always has specific goals that incorporate the things your child needs to learn.  We have 100s of creative ways to target your child’s goals during play-like activities and we welcome your participation in therapy with your child.

Yes, this information will be very helpful for the therapists.