Lifestyle is No Accident

An important part of the small-town lifestyle at Washington is the hospital provided homes for residents. Since the homes are on the hospital campus, there is a ready-made “hometown” atmosphere that fosters extended family living. In this environment, whether you need an egg, a cup of sugar, a kind shoulder to lean on, or a babysitter — it’s all here! Our community atmosphere lets you concentrate on learning to be an exceptional family doctor.

We look forward to discussing the details of our respected program and unique way of life.

I have been particularly impressed with how well the program takes care of its residents. You will certainly work hard, but you feel everything is done to make your life easier and this makes it possible to focus more on learning. Your house is provided, your lawn is cared for, your snow is shoveled, utilities provided, membership in a fantastic health center is paid for, anything broken is fixed, and all meals (if you want them!) are provided. Plus, if you have (or might have) kids, there is a truly fantastic Day Care Center next door to the hospital (and therefore nearly next door to your house!). I have been very happy here with both the education and the living situation.

Melissa Kashlan, MD, Class of 2006