Behavioral Health services are provided at CTC by licensed behavioral health therapists, including social workers and psychologists. An initial evaluation is completed for all children/families to determine the child’s specific needs.

Types of therapy available include:

  • Individual Therapy
    A one-on-one interaction between the therapist and the child and/or the parent(s)/guardian(s) to enhance problem-solving and coping abilities. The therapist identifies the problems to be addressed and works on formulating goals.
  • Family Therapy
    Together the therapist and the family decide how the sessions are structured. Issues are addressed by the family as a whole.
  • Play Therapy
    Helps children through art, play and talking individually or in a group. As the child interacts with the therapist or with peers, the therapist redirects the play to more appropriate behaviors.
  • Social Skills Groups
    Social skills groups are small groups (typically two to eight children) led by a therapist who teaches the children how to interact appropriately with others their age. They can help children learn conversational, friendship and problem-solving skills. They can also be useful in teaching children to control their emotions and understand other people’s perspectives. (Learn more)
  • Intensive Behavioral Health Services (IBHS)
    Children eligible for medical assistance with a documented need for behavioral health services as prescribed by a licensed provider can be evaluated to determine eligibility for IBHS (formerly known as Wraparound services) in the home.
  • Psychological Testing
    Consists of a series of tests administered to determine the child’s present level, including educational and cognitive testing.

NOTE: As of January 2022, we are currently unable to provide Group Therapy due to COVID-19. We also do not currently have a Psychologist available at our offices. We hope to resume this service as soon as possible. Please call our office in the interim and our staff can help direct you to other providers in the community.