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Our multidisciplinary Inpatient Behavioral Health Services team at UPMC Washington consists of experienced mental health professionals including psychiatrists, psychiatric nurses, licensed clinical social workers, nursing support staff, and milieu therapists.  The use of a multidisciplinary team approach assists and promotes our patients’ understanding of behavioral health issues so that they can begin the journey to recovery.

Inpatient treatment focuses on understanding and stabilizing the crisis that led to the need for hospitalization. We start with a thorough physical and mental evaluation of the patient, then develop an individualized treatment plan and coordinate care in a warm, supportive and secure environment with 24-hour nursing support.

Medical providers in the Emergency Department are often the first to see patients who are admitted to the inpatient program. All patients who are candidates for admission to Behavioral Health Services will be evaluated for acceptability by a psychiatrist or emergency room physician. Any physical medical issues discovered there will be evaluated and treated as part of patients’ stay in the unit.

Once admitted, patients receive around-the-clock supervision in a healing, therapeutic environment. We focus on accurately diagnosing the behavioral illness, prescribing the right medications, providing patient education and teaching coping skills so people can return to their daily lives.

Who can request program information? Physicians, nurses, family members, clergy, nursing and assisted living home employees, social workers, law enforcement professionals, or others concerned about the mental health of individuals ages 18 or older may make referrals to the program. Individuals may also seek services on their own.

The care provided at Behavioral Health Services is covered by most insurance plans but in cases when there is no insurance or there are concerns related to insurance coverage, our Social Services department is available to answer questions and assist with this process.

UPMC Washington

155 Wilson Ave, Washington, PA
Phone: (724) 223-3197

Mark Wright, MBA, RN, Manager

Visiting Hours

Monday - Friday
5:00 pm - 6:00 pm
Weekends & Holidays
2:00 pm - 4:00 pm & 5:00 pm - 6:00 pm


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