Heal, Rehabilitate, Recover

Washington Health System Greene, located in Waynesburg PA, offers patients that meet specific qualifications, an opportunity to enter into our swing bed program. This offers patients some extra time to heal, rehabilitate and recover before returning home.

The WHS Greene Swing Bed Program is a combination of rehabilitation therapy, nursing and medical care as well as other activities. The program is designed to help patients heal properly and gain back the strength they need before returning home to their everyday activities.

It’s a perfect transition between acute care and returning home.

Frequently Asked Questions

Patients would qualify for our program if they need additional rehabilitation therapy, wound care or other assistance before returning to home.

This service would be covered under skilled nursing facility benefits and the coverage may vary based on your specific insurance plan.  For additional questions please call you insurance company.

Medications and treatment plans may vary. An individualized plan is created for every patient based on the recommendations of the physician and the team. At our facility, you will also have access to other activities during your healing process. Ask one of our case managers for addition information.

It is very important for all patients to actively participate in the healing process. This includes following medication and treatment schedules and if your treatment plan includes rehabilitation therapy, you must willingly participate with therapy up to 2hrs/day for optimal functional outcomes.

You will have access to a nurse, 24/7, that can provide personal care as needed. You will also have a team that consist of wound care specialists, rehabilitation therapists, registered dieticians,  a hospitalist and other physicians, pharmacists, case managers, social services and more. This team will encourage you to achieve your healing goals and help you return home, as soon as possible.

  • Physicians – Hospitalist manage each patient and are available on a daily basis, if needed. Additionally, you have access to other on-site specialists such as cardiologists, pulmonary or wound care specialists and more. You also have access to 24/7 emergency care, should any emergency arise.
  • Nurses – Our nurses assist you with individualized daily care and ensure your transition back to home is a safe and healing environment. Nurses also help you in coordinating your medications, therapy and other care throughout your stay. They ensure you are staying on task so we can send you home as soon as possible.
  • Rehabilitation Team – Physical therapists, occupational therapists and speech therapists are available for patients admitted with rehab needs. Your therapists will work with you to create goals during your stay in order to help you achieve and maximize your independence before returning home. Active participation with therapy, up to 2 hours per day, is required and is the key to success for positive outcomes during your recovery process.
  • Case Managers – Case Managers will be available to coordinate your care during your stay and assist with your transition home, upon discharge. The Case Managers will talk with you and your family about your needs and assist with arranging and coordinating services on discharge.
  • Pharmacists – A pharmacist is available onsite, 7 days a week from 7am-5pm, for any medication related questions and can be reach via phone 24/7.
  • Activity Coordinators – Our Occupational Therapist will provide opportunities for various leisure activities during your stay.

The swing beds rooms are located on the 3rd floor of the 350 Bonar Ave., Waynesburg facility.

Yes, we think that family is very important during the healing process. We encourage families and friends to visit often. Although there are no set visiting hours for this unit, visitors should be aware that you may be at therapy during scheduled hours of the day. Visits should be planned before or after therapy sessions. Children are welcome but must be supervised during visits.

If you are a patient at another facility, a discharge planner from that facility may contact WHS Greene and inquire about open beds. If a swing bed space is available, they will work with our team to transfer you to the facility.

For more information click on the question below or call our WHS Greene Case Managers at (724) 627-2455.