The Washington Health System Respiratory Care Departments at WHS Washington Hospital and WHS Greene are your partners for better breathing. If you are in need of outpatient respiratory testing, know that you can receive those services right here.

Services include testing and care for outpatients and inpatients. Respiratory testing consists of pulmonary function testing, overnight oximetry, arterial blood gases, and six-minute oxygen walks.  We provide inpatient services to all ages and outpatient testing as long as the child can follow instruction age 6 and above.

Inpatient care includes ventilator support, all respiratory emergencies, nebulizer treatments, oxygen therapies, chest percussion therapy, incentive spirometry, blood gases, lung volume measurements, BiPAP/CPAP and all other respiratory assist procedures and therapies. We work with the emergency department, the critical care team, general care units  and the behavioral health unit to help you get back to breathing your best so you can go home as soon as possible.

Patients staying in the hospital, at Washington or Greene, also have access to our respiratory therapists to serve their needs. Our therapists provide needed treatments to help patients maximize their breathing abilities.

Our outpatient work helps your physician diagnose and treat lung disorders. Visit the WHS Outpatient Pulmonary to learn more.

Our Pulmonary Rehab Program at WHS Washington Hospital offers a monitored exercise class to enable you to maximize your physical activity and minimize shortness of breath.

WHS Respiratory Care – Washington

155 Wilson Ave, Washington, PA

Phone: (724) 223-3285

WHS Respiratory Care – Greene

350 Bonar Ave, Waynesburg, PA

Phone: (724) 627-2639

If you have questions or would like more information about Washington Health System Respiratory Care, please contact us or click on the services below.

Pulmonary Function Testing is offered at Washington and Greene facilities. Pulmonary Functions are a series of breathing maneuvers that can help your doctor determine if you have a lung problem or the degree of damage in your lungs. The tests are painless and take 30–45 minutes to complete. To help us get the best possible testing results, we ask that you do not smoke or take any breathing medications for four to six hours before your test.

The Pulmonary Rehab Program is offered at WHS Washington Hospital every Tuesday and Thursday. This one-hour program of exercise and education works to help you to maximize your physical activity to get you out and enjoying activities.

Oximetry and Six-minute Walk tests are offered at Washington and Greene facilities. Oximetry is a painless, noninvasive method of determining how much oxygen is in your blood. Your doctor might want us to check your oxygen level with or without exertion. We can also give you an oximeter to take home to wear overnight to ensure that you are breathing well while you sleep. For patients with home oxygen who want to fly, we offer a High Altitude Simulation Test at WHS Washington Hospital that can determine whether you would have trouble breathing in an airplane.

The High Altitude Simulation Study is a test that is performed for people who are on home oxygen and want to either fly in an airplane or visit a location with a high altitude such as the Rocky Mountains. For safety, we ensure that you can tolerate the thinner air and/or the pressurized cabin of an airplane.

Bronchoscopy is an invasive test that allows the doctor to look directly into your lungs. This allows him or her to get biopsies or microbiology samples to assist in making a diagnosis. Washington Health System has the latest video and navigational bronchoscopy technology that allows us to reach smaller nodules farther out in the airways. This allows us to reach a diagnosis more quickly. A quicker diagnosis and can lead to less invasive and costly treatment. To make you more comfortable, the doctor will sedate you throughout the procedure.

Frequently Asked Questions

To schedule a test at WHS Washington Hospital call (724) 223-3285. To schedule a test at WHS Greene call (724) 627-2393.
No, none of our tests are painful. However, you will have to physically exert yourself for the Pulmonary Functions and Stress Testing.

All of our procedures are covered by most insurance plans. If you’re not sure, we’ll put you in touch with the billing office.

Most of our testing is completed within an hour. Nocturnal oximetry will require two trips: one trip to pick up the machine and one to drop off. A bronchoscopy will take three to five hours. The procedure takes about an hour, but you will need to spend additional time in the OPSU area before and after the procedure.

We’ll send your results to your doctor the next day. Bronchoscopy results take longer because the samples need to be sent to the lab for review by a pathologist.

For a bronchoscopy, please follow the instructions given to you by your doctor. For oximetry testing, no special instructions are needed. For Pulmonary Function testing, please do not smoke or take breathing medications of any kind for four to six hours before your test.