Today’s rapidly evolving and increasingly complex healthcare environment requires cutting-edge technology to guide patient care.

One of the key components in this exciting new age is simulation.The Rice Energy Family Simulation Center provides education in a way for learners to recognize, make clinical decisions, and use real equipment to treat medical conditions that they may not experience during their clinical practice.

Mission: The mission of the Rice Energy Family Simulation Center is to provide simulation-based education in a safe learning environment.

Vision: To operate a regionally recognized, interprofessional simulation center that enriches system-wide and learner specific needs for education and training.


  • Identification and promotion of patient safety
  • Development of critical thinking skills through various healthcare settings and scopes of practice
  • Development of professional behavior based on ethical, legal, and regulatory standards within each disciplinary scope of practice
  • Mastery of clinical competence to promote quality patient care
  • Development of cohesive team roles and responsibilities
  • Development of self-confidence while increasing skill performance
  • Utilization of therapeutic communication skills that include “speak-up”
  • Collection of data to be utilized in research and process improvement changes

The Rice Energy Family Simulation Center features:

  • Two universal high-fidelity adult rooms
  • A universal high-fidelity pediatric room
  • A universal high-fidelity obstetrics suite
  • A universal high-fidelity operating room (The obstetrics suite and operating room can be converted into one large area for multi-use training.)
  • A four bed low-fidelity skills lab which can be converted into a four bed high-fidelity treatment area.
  • A task trainer lab
  • Two debriefing rooms

The center has 14 full body simulators, including a pregnancy patient who delivers a fully-operational newborn simulator, a premature baby, a 1 year old child, a 5 year old, and a trauma patient. Additional equipment includes CPR simulators and task trainers to train on various skills such as airway management, inserting IV’s, and wound management.

The Rice Energy Family Simulation Center is located inside the School of Nursing Building at 155 Wilson Ave, Washington, PA 15301. Call (724) 223-3188 for a Tour. Day and evening appointments are available.

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