We’re an independent, community-focused, full-service hospital located less than 30 miles southwest of Pittsburgh in a Pennsylvania college town of 25,000. We are one of the larger hospitals in the area, and have been serving the needs of the community since 1897. Today, that means meeting the medical needs of approximately 250,000 patients annually.

Over 90% of our medical staff are board certified and represent the complete spectrum of medical and surgical specialties. Our state-of-the-art diagnostic services allow practitioners to accurately evaluate patients and administer comprehensive treatment. Many diagnostic and treatment services are available at our numerous satellite facilities, which, added to our ambulatory surgery center, complement and extend our hospital-based services.

We’re recognized nationally and internationally for the clinical documentation provided by our computer systems which improves the quality and accuracy of our patients’ medical records.

Here you can also enjoy collegiate and professional sports, live theatre, and the arts. We’re located within 300 miles of Washington, D.C.; Columbus, OH; Philadelphia, PA;, Niagara Falls, and Cleveland, OH. An hour’s drive puts you at your choice of state parks, ski resorts, bike trails, horseback riding, kayaking, white-water rafting and fishing, all in the pristine settings of mountains and rivers.

The excellent obstetrical experience and training in a supportive environment were key features in my choice of residency. Computerized medical records and an eye for the future of computers in medicine was an important aspect of residency training . . .

Ediri Orife, MD, Class of 2006

Hospital Statistics

Statistic Total
Total Number of Admissions 13,468
Medical-Surgical Admissions 10,472
Critical Care Unit 949
Pediatric Admissions 126
Medical Service Admissions 396
Family Medicine Admissions 9,031
Cardiac Cath / Angioplasties 4,712
Open Heart Surgeries 134
Statistic Total
OB/GYN Clinic Visits 3,267
Emergency Room Visits 48,087
Statistic Total
Total Number of Deliveries 1,020
Resident Deliveries 670
C-Section Deliveries 21%
Statistic Total
Total Number of Visits 19,816
Washington Office 13,512
Canonsburg Office No Data
Cecil Office No Data
Insurance Coverage Total
Managed Care 20%
Private 60%
Medical Assistance 20%
Age Total
Pediatrics 40%
Adult 45%
Geriatrics 15%