The myWHS patient portal is a secure, online tool for you to access your personal health information.  Washington Health System’s goal is to enhance patient-provider communication, while helping you to manage your own care on your schedule. Once you become a myWHS portal member, you will have access to any of the available information 24/7. This allows you to communicate with our office at your convenience. Since communication is a key to preventative medicine, this portal is a valuable aspect of our goal to provide great patient care.

Hospital Inpatient and Outpatient Login

You recently stayed in the hospital or had an outpatient lab test. Now you have online access to information, including a summary of your recent visit, lab results.

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WHS Physician Office Login

Now you have the convenience of viewing your online medical record from any of our WHS practices including Family Medicine, Pediatrics and specialty-based services.

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TeleVisits Now Available!

WHS Primary Care providers and Specialists are now providing TeleVisits and Virtual check in calls.  You must have a prescheduled visit with a provider.  Call your provider’s office to set up your appointment!

If you have a scheduled appointment and need detailed instructions on how to connect with your doctor click here:TeleVisits Instructions.

Do you have multiple patient portals and would like a way to organize them all?

MyLinks is a FREE application that allows you to electronically gather your records from all your recent visit(s) and store them in one place, fully under your control.

What’s the difference between MyLinks and myWHS patient Portal that I log into above?

If you use healthcare providers or health services that are outside of the Washington Health System, your may have other patient portals. MyLinks allows you to store all your data, from each of those portals, in one place instead of having your information fractured over multiple portals. You can also correct and share your records with whomever you want.

How to register:

  1. Set up your MyLinks account at by clicking “Sign Up” Once you’ve filled out your info, a confirmation will be sent to you by email to complete your registration
    (If you do not see your confirmation email within a few minutes, check your spam folder).
  2.  Once you’re logged-in, click “Gather Health Records” Search for your healthcare organization, then click “Get Health Record”.
  3. You will then be routed to the login page for Follow My Health. Log in with your username and password then click “Import” to transfer the data into your MyLinks account.