Finding your way around the WHS Washington Hospital campus just got a lot simpler. We are excited to introduce you to local WayStride, a mobile application that functions like GPS, just to find your destination within the WHS Washington Hospital. Available for both iPhone and Android devices, the app can be used by anyone on the hospital campus.

To download the app or learn how to download it, click here.

Photo of Claudio Lima, MD

Once you arrive on campus and open the WayStride application, a dot pinpoints your location. You can then enter your destination and a detailed route will appear on the screen, as well as turn by turn directions. Find a specific patient’s room, hospital department, or the nearest bathroom, ATM and more without stopping to ask for directions or to study signs. An added perk: you can even use WayStride to remember your parking spot!

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WayStride was founded by local resident, Benjamin Marasco. Marasco knows, all too well, how confusing it can be to navigate hospitals, especially during a time of stress and trauma. During college, he was diagnosed with cancer.  While he had to figure out how to navigate his disease and treatment, he had the added burden of trying to navigate hospital hallways. This stressful time in his life sparked the idea.

Learn more on WayStride’s Website.