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The Washington Physicians Group (WPG) is our network of employed physicians and practices within the Washington Health System.

In total, our WPG owns and manages 18 medical practices consisting of over 40 healthcare providers throughout 24 locations. The WPG practices serve residents  in Washington, Greene, Fayette, Allegheny and surrounding counties in Southwestern Pennsylvania, as well as residents in West Virginia and Ohio.

The WPG, created in 1996, provides several medical specialties. From Obstetrics to Geriatrics, we’ve got you covered!

To find one of our WPG practices click here.

WPG Contact Phone Numbers

Brook Ward, CEO (724) 223-3713
Michael Faust, MD, Executive Director – Clinical (724) 223-3713
Maureen Scanlon, Executive Director – Operations (724) 223-3713
Teresa Babyak, RN, MHA, MBA, Director of Operations (724) 229-1756
Judy Devenney, Director of Operations (724) 223-3727
Samuel Magen, Manager Revenue Cycle (724) 223-3263
Amanda Barringer, Executive Administrative Assistant (724) 229-1756
Carla Magnone, Accounting Specialist (724) 229-1723

Medical Records

PPRM (Physician Practices Records Management) (724) 229-2657
PPRM (Physician Practices Records Management) Fax (724) 579-1569
Hospital Records (724) 223-3157

WPG Billing

Billing Department (724) 229-1926