You’ve probably heard about our “too-good-to-be true” housing that has been provided to our residents since we started the program. This has proven to add to the community atmosphere that residents and their families have enjoyed for years and allows us to provide an environment that is truly conducive to learning.

As you can see, these are houses, not dorms; they are pleasant, well-maintained dwellings that allow a resident to be free of the duties associated with home ownership (Yes, we even shovel the snow!).

If I had to do it all over again, I would choose the Washington Hospital Residency Program without hesitation. My husband and I completed our residency together and we also had a 6-month-old baby when we began our intern year. It was a lot of juggling, but I never felt alone in this program. The residency program is very family oriented, and we all helped each other, including the support from faculty. Not to mention the beautiful home we were given that was within walking distance of the hospital. We never had to worry about upkeep, lawncare, or utilities. It was all taken care of. Lastly, since it is an unopposed residency, I learned more in those three years than I have in my entire career. One night you might be delivering a baby, the next night admitting patients through the emergency room, and the next day covering an ICU patient. It was an amazing experience and I felt ready to take on anything when I went off on my own.

Julie Orlosky, DO, Class of 2012