Washington PA, May, 2022 – In observance and recognition of the dedication of their team over the last two years, Washington Health System (WHS) held events at both hospitals, located in Washington and Greene county, to reveal some new, creative artwork.

“This year marks the 125th Anniversary of the Washington Health System and also the 2nd year battling through the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Brook Ward, President and CEO of Washington Health System.  “There have been many symbolic representations of the pandemic, but nothing seems more prominent than the masks that we all wore as residents in the community and continue to wear as healthcare workers inside our facilities. As a way to recognize the sacrifice, challenges and deep sense of pride our WHS team members have for our communities, we asked the Martha Washington Quilters Guild to partner with us to create a piece of artwork that will remind us of this journey.”

These framed works of art, created by the local guild, are quilts made of cloth face masks. “During the process, we asked our team members to donate their previously worn and washed cloth masks to be used in this special project. They eagerly contributed as a way to honor their hard work and to reflect on the struggles we all went through together,” said Ward.

On Friday, May 13th the first quilt ceremony was held at WHS Greene in Waynesburg. The second ceremony held inside the lobby of WHS Washington Hospital occurred on Tuesday, May 17th.

Both quilts are framed and hung in the lobby area of each hospital with a commemorative plaque. The plaque reads:

This beautiful piece of artwork was stitched together by the Martha Washington Quilters Guild to represent the abrupt change in our lives as the COVID-19 pandemic swept through our region beginning in March of 2020. These masks were worn by Washington Health System Team Members who selflessly served the local communities by caring for our family, our friends, and our neighbors. Let us never forget the months that turned into years of sacrifice by us all. And may we continue spotlighting the dedication of our very own “Healthcare Heroes”.

On behalf of the administration and the Board of Directors, WHS would like to thank their team members, the Martha Washington Quilters Guild as well as the community for their continued support throughout the pandemic.


About Washington Health System

Currently celebrating 125 years of excellence in community healthcare and employing more than 2,000 highly trained medical professionals, Washington Health System provides services at more than 30 off-site locations throughout three counties.  In addition to its flagship 260 licensed bed hospital in Washington, PA, WHS operates Washington Health System Greene, a community centered hospital, in Waynesburg Pennsylvania. Washington Health System’s integrated system of care also consists of diagnostic centers, outpatient care facilities and the WHS Wilfred R. Cameron Wellness Center all seamlessly working together to provide excellent patient-and-family-centered care.