Photo of Sleep Sacks

WHS is handing out sleep sacks to all new parents thanks to a PFCC (Patient and Family Centered Care) grant fund.

The PFCC Grant Fund was established through monies donated by our WHS Volunteer Auxiliary with the purpose to provide funds to support the special needs of the patients and families we serve.  In order to be eligible for PFCC Grant Funds an application must specifically outline what the department/program is requesting that will meet patient and family member needs and enhance our delivery of Patient Family Centered Care.  The PFCC request for grant funds must be related to an anticipated outcome and clearly make a difference to those we serve.

Our WHS OB and Women’s Health Unit requested the grant for the sleep sacks.  They wanted to provide a gift to families but one that had value and meaning.  Providing the sleep sacks provides the staff yet another opportunity to discuss “safe sleep” with new parents.  A sleep sack allows you to still provide comfort and warmth to your new baby without the risk of having lose blankets and bedding around creating an unsafe sleep environment.  Safe sleep means nothing in the crib with the baby and they are placed “back” to sleep (on their backs).

These sleep sacks also serve as a teaching tool for staff to work with families on safety precautions for these infants.