Dr. Peter Swain is a Family Medicine resident physician at the Washington Health System. Raised in Butler County and a graduate of the University of Pittsburgh, he is familiar with the many suburbs and rural communities in southwestern Pennsylvania. After completing his graduate medical education at the Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine, he was accepted at WHS to continue his medical training. While not practicing medicine, Dr. Swain enjoys spending time with his spouse, three dogs, and extended family.

November is American Diabetes Month, a timely reminder before the holiday season when traditionally Americans enjoy food, drink, and family. It is important to remember while it is good to enjoy some “unhealthy” food in moderation, this should be routinely paired with regular exercise and conscious healthy diet choices. Both physical activity and diet choices play an important role in preventing, treating, and controlling Type II Diabetes.

The American Diabetes Association, a group of doctors who specialize in treating all forms of diabetes, has a website with many resources to help individuals learn how to navigate healthy food choices. These include articles explaining how to read food labels, what to watch for at the grocery store, and even cooking classes with healthy recipes! The same group also provides resources to other medical associations who provide recommendations for exercise.

In November, keep in mind between the celebrations and family gatherings that it is important to make health-conscious decisions in order to control or prevent future Diabetes.