The Pennsylvania Medical Society (PAMED) celebrated its state-wide recognition of physicians for Doctors’ Day 2023, on Thursday, March 30. PAMED received 300 nominations from the public, patients and colleagues, recognizing physicians who have gone above and beyond in their care.

CEO & Executive Vice President of PAMED, Martin Raniowski, said, “The numerous amount of nominations we received really shows the vital role physicians play in the everyday lives of their patients and how much their hard work is appreciated.”

WHS took a few moments on Doctors day to recognize seven physicians from WHS that received this honor. 

Doctors day honorees. Dr. Six, Dr. Minteer, Dr. O'Brien, Dr. Goss and Dr. Ours

Here is a list of those presented with a certificate and a few notes we pulled from their nomination form:

Pictured left to right

Honoree: John Six, MD    Specialty: Family Medicine and Health System Administrator

Dr. Six works tireless to advocate for improved patient safety and quality within our health system.  He is constantly working on additional certifications and education to help meet these goals. He also advocates for the medical community and our patients through his work as the 11th district trustee.

Honoree: Jeff Minteer, MD  Specialty: Program Director Geriatric & Palliative Fellowship and Family Medicine

Not only does Dr. Minteer take impeccable care of his patients, but he has also served as former director of our Family Medicine residency program and now is the director of our palliative and geriatric fellowships.  Jeff is the quintessential family physician who has and continues to tirelessly advocate for his patients.

Honoree: Lauren O’Brien, MD    Specialty: Family Medicine, Program Director and Residency Faculty

Dr. O’Brien is responsible for multiple strategic and administrative tasks relating to Graduate Medical Education and effectively balances the demands of dual inpatient and outpatient patient care responsibilities along with the administrative oversight associated with managing a busy Family Medicine residency. Dr. O’Brien works tirelessly while also balancing clinical patient care in Family Medicine.

Honoree: Lisa Goss, MD   Specialty: Chief Medical Information Officer  and Family Medicine

Dr. Lisa Goss, embraces the dual role and epitomizes the role of physician leader and health IT administrator. She effectively balances the demands of dual inpatient and outpatient EHRs along with balancing part-time clinical patient care as a primary care provider. She served as a physician lead on the development of a novel Safety and Quality Scorecard for the Health System and throughout the pandemic, Dr. Goss served as President of the Washington County Medical Society and successfully provided county-wide information.

Honoree: Donnie Ours, DO  Specialty: Family Medicine

Dr. Ours really cares about his patients and goes out of his way to help his patients. He takes his time and listens well to their concerns. He is an amazing primary car provider.

Not pictured:

Honoree: Katherine Tadolini, MD  Specialty: Family Medicine

Dr. Tadolini exemplifies our health system’s mission of Great Patient Care in everything that she does. She is very knowledgeable, carries a positive attitude, is a driver of change, and is beloved by her patients and peers.

Honoree: Jennifer Mungari, MD  Specialty: Family Medicine

Dr. Mungari is a great primary care provider. Ever since Dr. Mungari was a little girl, she knew wanted to be a doctor. She truly loves taking care of patients. It is her calling.

PAMED celebrated 105 honorees in western Pennsylvania. The full list includes:

  1. Ariel Aballay, MD (Allegheny County)
  2. Choodamani Aryal, MD (Cambria County)
  3. James Backstrom, MD (Armstrong County)
  4. Jason Ball, DO (Erie County)
  5. Parul Barry, MD (Allegheny County)
  6. Maggie Biebel, DO (Erie County)
  7. Mark Biedrzcki, MD (Allegheny County)
  8. Brittany Bielewicz, DO (Butler County)
  9. David Binion, MD (Allegheny County)
  10. Patricia Bononi, MD (Allegheny County)
  11. Jason Evans Burmeister, MD (Cambria County)
  12. Joseph Calhoun, DO (Allegheny County)
  13. William Coppula, MD (Allegheny County)
  14. Erica Cusick, DO (Allegheny County)
  15. Sarahgene Defoe, MD (Allegheny County)
  16. Thomas DeGregory, DO (Westmoreland County)
  17. Kelli DeSanctis, DO (Erie County)
  18. Shruti Dighe, MD (Erie County)
  19. Briana DiSilvio, MD (Allegheny County)
  20. Dennis Dobrzynski, MD (Butler County)
  21. Ulrike Donahue, DO (Clearfield County)
  22. Matthew Dvorchak, MD (Cambria County)
  23. Subarna Eisaman, MD (Cambria County)
  24. Mrudula Gadani, MD (Beaver County)
  25. Emily Galli, MD (Allegheny County)
  26. Mark Gannon, MD (Allegheny County)
  27. Paul A. Gardner, MD (Allegheny County)
  28. David Gnugnoli, DO (Cambria County)
  29. Vikram Gorantla, MD (Allegheny County)
  30. Lisa Goss, MD (Washington County)
  31. Lauren Gray, DO (Allegheny County)
  32. Dan Grob, MD (Allegheny County)
  33. Marsha Haley, MD (Butler County)
  34. Ryan Hancox, DO (Allegheny County)
  35. Scott Harter, MD (Westmoreland County)
  36. Mohamed Hassan, MD (Clearfield County)
  37. Louis Heyl, MD (Allegheny County)
  38. Scott Heyl, MD (Allegheny County)
  39. Jing Hou, MD (Allegheny County)
  40. Angela Hogue, MD (Mercer County)
  41. Saad Javed, MD (Mercer County)
  42. Tabatha Jeffers, DO (Clearfield County)
  43. Julie Kmiec, DO (Allegheny County)
  44. Christopher Koman, MD (Allegheny County)
  45. Mary Elizabeth Kovacik Eicher, MD (Westmoreland County)
  46. Nicholas Lanciano, DO (Cambria County)
  47. Tatiana Leibu, MD (Westmoreland County)
  48. David Lesseski, DO (Erie County)
  49. Gary Lewis, MD (Indiana County)
  50. Kirsten Lin, MD (Allegheny County)
  51. Mariano Loveranes, MD (Erie County)
  52. Noah Lubowsky, MD (Allegheny County)
  53. Matthew Macken, MD (Allegheny County)
  54. Scott Magley, MD (Cambria County)
  55. Lou Mastrine, DO (Cambria County)
  56. Lauren Mathos, DO (Allegheny County)
  57. Donald McFarland, DO (Allegheny County)
  58. Juan Mercado, MD (Lawrence County)
  59. Benjamin Miller, MD (Allegheny County)
  60. Jeff Minteer, MD (Washington County)
  61. Jennifer Mungari, MD (Washington County)
  62. Anastasia Neil, DO (Allegheny County)
  63. Lauren O’Brien, MD (Washington County)
  64. Donnie Ours, DO (Washington County)
  65. Michael Pagnotto, MD (Allegheny County)
  66. Raymond Pan, MD (Allegheny County)
  67. Deval Reshma Paranjape, MD (Allegheny County)
  68. John Pazin, MD (Butler County)
  69. Terry Philbin, MD (Allegheny County)
  70. Alex Pozun, DO (Cambria County)
  71. Kiran Rajasenan, MD (Allegheny County)
  72. Karthikeyan Ranganathan, MD (Allegheny County)
  73. Travis Rearick, MD (Cambria County)
  74. John Rocchi, MD (Butler County)
  75. Anuja Manju Sabapathy, MD (Erie County)
  76. Joseph Sabo, MD (Cambria County)
  77. Dhinesh Samuel, MD (Butler County)
  78. Ibrahim Sbeitan, MD (Cambria County)
  79. Tad Scheri, MD (Allegheny County)
  80. Kelsey Schweiberger, MD (Allegheny County)
  81. Tameka Scott, DO (Cambria County)
  82. Dinesh Sharma, DO (Cambria County)
  83. Thomas Shetter, MD (Butler County)
  84. Rachel Shipley, MD (Westmoreland County)
  85. David Shober, DO (Lawrence County)
  86. Donald Shoenthal, MD (Allegheny County)
  87. Robert Shogry, MD (Allegheny County)
  88. John Six, MD (Washington County)
  89. Eric Skvarla, DO (Allegheny County)
  90. Chad Smith, MD (Lawrence County)
  91. Matthew Sniezek, DO (Beaver County)
  92. Dillon Stein, DO (Allegheny County)
  93. Sara Stewart, DO (Allegheny County)
  94. Katherine Tadolini, MD (Washington County)
  95. Pritam Tayshetye, MD (Allegheny County)
  96. Jordan Torok, MD (Allegheny County)
  97. Maria Udrea, MD (Allegheny County)
  98. Josef Vanek, MD (Fayette County)
  99. Vince Vena, MD (Cambria County)
  100. Arvind Venkat, MD (Allegheny County)
  101. Jeffry Wahl, MD (Butler County)
  102. Mark Woodburn, MD (Allegheny County)
  103. Richard Wozniak, MD (Cambria County)
  104. Alexander Yu, MD (Allegheny County)
  105. George Zagger, MD (Butler County)