Hearing the words “open-heart surgery” from your doctor is a worrisome experience. Choosing who to put in charge of operating on the very organ that keeps you alive is not a decision to be taken lightly.

Dave Purdy was faced with this decision when he went to his cardiologist to get a heart catheterization, but his blockages proved to be too advanced for the procedure to be successful. The only option was open heart surgery for a triple bypass.

Dave was referred to Dr. David Haybron, a cardiovascular and thoracic surgeon at Washington Health System. Though there are several major large hospital systems nearby in Pittsburgh, Dave entrusted WHS with his care. In fact, his surgeon had worked for several of those big hospitals previously. His partner, Amy, had previous outstanding experience with WHS cardiovascular care. Dave had heard from others in the community about their great experiences as well, so there was no hesitation when it came to choosing convenient quality care close to home.

“He was amazing,” Dave says of Dr. Haybron. “Not only was I confident that he did a stellar job of putting me back together, but he has a great bedside manner. Very straightforward.”

Dave says that the surgical team and staff at the CCU (Critical Care Unit) provided exceptional care. He spent the six days following surgery recovering in the unit. Everyone from the nursing team to the environmental services and nutritional team helped him with any questions, quickly responded to his needs making him feel like a priority.

“In particular, the pain care was spot on. Until you have a surgery like this you probably can’t imagine the intensity of pain that you have to work through,” he says. The nurses and the doctors explained his options and developed a plan that kept his pain under control.

At one point, Dave had some breathing and coughing issues. The respiratory therapist that worked with him explained everything about why he was having difficulties and how he was treating these issues. He even took some extra time to sit with Dave throughout his breathing treatment.

Dave says that he would not hesitate to recommend WHS to anyone. “Because Washington Health System is a smaller hospital, I think the personalized care is a lot greater,” he says.

After being released from the hospital, Dave received home care and only 21 days post-surgery he was released with no restrictions. Both he and Dr. Haybron were amazed by his quick recovery which speaks well of the WHS Team!