Linda Shaw’s roots with Washington Health System started at a young age.

Growing up on a dairy farm in Washington County, Linda always knew what she wanted to be when she grew up, a nurse. At 18 years old, she started Washington Hospital’s School of Nursing program and graduated two years later in 1972. Linda only took one week off after finishing school and started working at Washington Hospital as a nurse on a cardiac unit. She noted that when she first started, you could buy a whole meal in the hospital cafeteria for $.53 plus tax! She also recalls the hospital employed elevator operators to take staff and visitors to the various floors of the building.

Linda was the first in her family to receive a college degree.  She completed a Bachelor of Science in Nursing two years after finishing her nursing program and continued to work at the Washington Hospital for 42 years total.

Even though she retired, Linda is still playing a vital role in the patient experience at WHS as a Patient and Family Centered Care (PFCC) volunteer.

“The best part of my job was talking to the patients.” Linda still does what she is passionate about by having meaningful conversations with WHS patients and their families. While Linda admits to being an introvert, she said she has “no trouble talking to patients” and listening to their needs.

Stacey Rush, Director of Patient Experience oversees PFCC volunteers like Linda.

Stacey shares, “Linda was one of my mentors when I first started here 26 years ago. I have worked with her in several different capacities over the years. I was so excited when she wanted to come back and volunteer! She is a dear friend and is a great asset to our organization… She is patient, kind and compassionate with the patients, families, and staff. She visits patients for us weekly and always takes time to listen and provide them comfort. Linda along with our other PFCC Advocates and volunteers are such a valuable part of our team. They are another set of eyes and ears for us to help provide the best experience to our patients and families as we can.”

Another way Linda is impacting her community is by supporting Washington Health System Foundation with a monthly gift. When asked why she chooses WHS with so many other great organizations to support, Linda simply stated, “I’ve worked here so long, I enjoy what I do, and it’s a good organization to support.”

Each month the Foundation sends Linda an envelope in which to conveniently return her donation.

You can give back in multiple ways like Linda.  Becoming a volunteer is easy, visit to learn more. You can also start giving a recurring monthly gift like Linda by simply filling out our convenient online form at and click the “Donate Today!” button.