Name: J.T. Sciascia MBA, BBA, BSN, RN

Tell us about yourself?

About your job: Emergency Services Nurse Manager

How long have you been employed at WHS? 8.5 years, 11.5 counting WHS School of Nursing!

Was it always in the same department? I went directly from nursing school to the ED and spent my first 3.5 years as a RN there. I then spent the next 3.5 years with Physician Practice Quality serving the WPHO, WPG and Family Medicine Practices.

What additional tasks or responsibilities have you taken on during COVID -19? Anything and everything! I do whatever task or duty is necessary to keep patients and my staff safe at all times.

Education: I graduated from Bethlehem Center High School in 2003. From there I attended Waynesburg College/University where I achieved my Bachelors of Science Degree in Business Management. I then attended the Washington Hospital School of Nursing and achieved my RN Diploma. After nursing school I went back to Waynesburg College/University and achieved my Bachelors of Science in Nursing, as well as, a Masters in Business Administration with a Healthcare Administration focus.

Hobbies outside of work: I enjoy spending time with my family, jogging, weight lifting, watching movies (80’s and horror,) playing ice hockey, collecting sports memorabilia, going to flea markets (pre-COVID) and watching the Pittsburgh Penguins dominate the ice (maybe next season boys!)

Family, pets, etc? I have the most beautiful, understanding, and supportive wife on the planet! I am so thankful she understands my mission and never gets mad when my work days are long. I also have two of the cutest boys, Luca and Gio. They fill our life with so much joy and take away any bad day with just one smile.

If you had super powers – what would they be?

Great question! My super power would be the ability to instantly heal someone with a simple touch of my hand.

What’s the craziest thing on your bucket list?

Another great question! The craziest thing on my bucket list is to spend a week backpacking in Cuba and purchasing a DeLorean (Roads? Where we’re going we don’t need roads!)

What are two of your favorite snacks that you can’t live without?

Gummy candy and Peanut M&M’s

What was your first job?  What did you love about it and what did you not like about it?

My first job was working as a caddie at Nemacolin Country Club in Beallsville PA. I spent countless summers carrying heavy golf bags, it was miserable. I swore some of the golfers purposely put bricks in their golf bags! I argued with my Mom every morning because who wants to wake up at 6AM every day during summer vacation. What I did not know at the time was this job would open a lot of doors for me when I was adult. I was able to make so many connections and even know some of the Physicians I collaborate with today.  Sorry Mom, you were right!

What do you love about your current job?

I work for hands down, the greatest organization. I feel so loved and supported by my Leadership Team. I also have the greatest Management Team and staff I could ever ask for. They work hard and sacrifice so much. They have been through so much this past year, I am so proud of them, and feel truly blessed!

What do you want people to know about COVID 19 and about WHS?

The Washington Health System and Emergency Department are taking great measures to keep patients and their families safe. Please remember when seeking care at our ED, it is imperative that you as the patient and visitor, wear a mask at all times to keep yourself and the healthcare team safe.

The Emergency Department Team would also like to thank all of those who donated food, supplies, and kind words during these difficult times. Your love and support brought so much joy to us when we needed it the most. We are always here for you, 24 hours a day 7 days a week! Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts.

Photos of Family

J.T. with Alex Ovechkin