Name: Taryn Hughes

Tell me about yourself?

About your job: Lead Respiratory Therapist

How long have you been employed at WHS? Almost 20 years

Was it always in the same department? Yes

What additional tasks or responsibilities have you taken on during COVID -19? Collection of patient samples in the COVID tent, Distribution and education of N95 mask and the MAX AIR system. Helping out where ever we can outside of our regular duties.

Education: I’m a Graduate of Sharon Senior High School, Class of 1978. I also attended West Virginia Wesley and the University of Arizona. I later in life Graduated from Saint Francis School of Respiratory Care in 1998.

Hobbies outside of work: I enjoy gardening, pool time while reading, taking rides on the side by side.

Family, pets, etc?

I have 3 children, who are all married, and live away. Cody (Christina) lives in Sanford North Carolina, Courtney (Ryan and grandson Cooper) live in Round Rock, Texas. Casey (Julie) lives in Bethel Park, PA. I have 2 step children who are also married, Angie (Joe and granddaughter Jessica) live in Holbrook, and Nick (Brooke and grandsons Owen and Dylan) live in Rogersville. Also, Granddaughter Brooke (Jason and great grandson Waylon) lives in Carmichaels. My Husband Ronnie who I met 25 years ago, we have been married for the 12 years. I can’t leave out my dogs who are the only children I have at home, Jake a 7 ½ year old 230 pound English Mastiff, JD a 12 year old Yorkiechon and Moe a 15 year old Bichon poo

What was your first job?

At 14 I was a shampoo girl at a Hair Salon in Sharon, PA.

If you could give your younger self advice, what would it be?

It would be the same advice again that my Mother gave me many years ago. No matter what you are doing or what you become, do it with all your heart and soul, for you need to be able to get up every day and enjoy what you are going to do. Love what you are doing and make others laugh.

What would be your ideal vacation getaway?

A long road trip that allowed me to spend time with my kids and grandson, covering Bethel Park, Sanford, NC and Round Rock, Texas.

What are two of your favorite snacks?

Oreos and milk (of course) and Fresh Fruit

What radio station or kind of music do you listen to on your way to work?

K- Love

Do you have any advice for the public in relation to the COVID pandemic?

First and foremost to be safe by continuing to wash your hands and cover your mouth. Have respect for others while returning to our new normal. Remember your families, friends and your neighbors today and when this is over. People have mentioned they are afraid to go to the Doctor or the Emergency room, please don’t be, always follow the guidelines, and remember we are doing our best to keep you and ourselves safe. Beneath these goggles and face masks are the same smiling faces that have cared for you.

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