If anyone knows the Birthing Center at WHS Washington Hospital, it’s Lindsey Thomas. She delivered five of her six children at the hospital and has seen it grow and change over the years. When it was time for number six, it was just a given that she would be returning to the same hospital to welcome her newest addition.

Lindsey says that despite her multiple experiences in the Birthing Center, she’s consistently blown away by the care every time. On paper, the benefits of delivering at WHS Washington Hospital are clear: top-notch care, a renovated unit with modern amenities, an on-site level 2 special care nursery, and a neonatal team member present at every birth. But for Lindsey, what really stood out were the people who cared for her while she was there.

“The care is just incomparable. The attention to detail, comfort, and preference is astounding,” she says.

“I always feel like everyone listens to me, asks about me, and tries to use the answers to inform my care, and generally tries to get to know me, rather than just performing their job and moving on.”

The recent renovation and improvements of the CARE Center for Family Birth and Women’s Health at WHS Washington Hospital added an extra level of comfort to the experience. The unit is designed to be a home away from home, a warm and serene environment with state-of-the-art technology and top-notch medical care. The modern and comfortable delivery rooms feature couches that convert into beds for partners, spacious tiled bathrooms and even a hospitality nook with snacks and beverages for family. All these changes and additions make the experience feel less clinical and more natural.

“All the rooms are large and roomy which allowed for moving around during and after labor. It sort of felt and looked like a hotel,” says Lindsey.

Lindsey’s nurse, Amy C. was there from the moment she came onto the unit through the entire birthing process.

“She was supportive, empathetic, compassionate, phenomenally knowledgeable, fast thinking, thorough, clear, and helpful. It’s clear she knows her stuff, but what also clear is that she gets to know her patients,” says Lindsey. Amy was particularly adept at anticipating her patients’ needs, something that can’t be taught in nursing school. She knew when to talk Lindsey through her frustration, explaining different options. She also knew when to give Lindsey and her husband alone time.

“Amy truly made my labor experience better than I thought it could be. I am so thankful that she was the nurse on duty and that I was blessed to be taken care of so well by her,” says Lindsey. She was also touched when Amy came to check on her after she had been moved to the postpartum unit.

Lindsey’s nurse on the postpartum unit, Chris F., also exceeded her expectations for care. She took care of Lindsey’s every need.

“Her warmth and humor was matched by her expertise,” says Lindsey.

A positive birthing experience is so important for the health of mother, baby, and family. Lindsey’s experiences and loyalty to WHS are a testament to the care that the Birthing Center provides.

“We are so thankful for all the nursing staff there, but particularly those that go above and beyond and make the experiences of having a baby even better,” says Lindsey.

To learn more about the WHS Care Center for Family Birth and Women’s’ Health or to take the online virtual tour – click here