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Arpil Resident of the Month

Dr. Rashi Fischer

Dr. Rashi Fischer is a 2nd year family medicine resident from Cross Lanes, WV.  She married her husband, Jon, last year, and they are enjoying life here in Washington with their cat, Lilly.  In her spare time, she enjoys all types of crafting including sewing, quilting, and cross stitching.  She also loves to spend weekends going to antique stores and flea markets. 


Did you know that vaccinations aren’t just for children? 
Do you have diabetes, COPD, or asthma?
Are you over the age of 65?
If so, you may benefit from certain vaccines to decrease your risk of severe illness.
All adults, regardless of age or comorbid conditions, need certain vaccines.  This includes a yearly flu shot.  The flu can be more severe, and even deadly, in people with COPD, asthma, or diabetes.  It is especially important that these people get yearly flu vaccines. 
Vaccines provide herd immunity.  This means that you can protect the people around you by vaccinating yourself.  Little children and elderly individuals are especially susceptible to severe illness.  If you have small children or elderly people in your home, you need to be vaccinated.
You can’t afford to be sick.  Getting sick just doesn’t fit into your busy life.  With vaccinations, you can protect yourself, and spend more time enjoying life! 

Here are some diseases that we can prevent with vaccines:
Just to name a few… Ask your doctor about what vaccines you can get today!

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