Accepting Applications until September 10th, 2021!

It has been a challenge for many local health systems, including WHS, to hire and retain quality phlebotomy staff members due to a shortage of qualified candidates in our area.  Phlebotomists are professionals that are trained to draw blood from a patient for clinical or medical testing.  To address this shortage WHS is initiating a paid training program for phlebotomy through Penn Commercial.

Read the recent article in Guide to Good health about our program – Click here 

How it works:

  • WHS will sponsor up to ten individuals to complete the phlebotomy training program.
  • The sponsored individual(s) must complete the course through Penn Commercial.  The program requires 80 hours of classroom training at Penn Commercial and 80 hours of clinical training at WHS Washington Hospital and/or Washington Health System Greene.
  • Upon completion of the program the individual will sit for a phlebotomy certification exam.
  • WHS will pay for the full cost of the training program and certification exam.   Additionally, all of the individuals selected for the program will be hired by WHS as students and will be compensated for the time spent completing the classroom and clinical training.
  • All students who successfully complete the training program and have demonstrated a commitment to our mission, vision and values at WHS, will then be placed in a regular position at one of our WHS facilities, as a phlebotomist.
  • In return we require that the applicant must commit to working at WHS for a minimum of one year post certification exam.

Individual(s) applying must meet the following criteria to be considered for the interview process:

  • Must have a high school diploma, GED or higher education
  • Flexible with schedule including the ability to work daylight, evening or night shifts, rotating weekends and holidays
  • Willing to complete the full program during the allotted time frame
  • Commit to working at WHS for a minimum of one year post certification exam

Go to our Career & Education Page to see a list of all open positions, or click Phlebotomy in Training to go directly to this position to apply online.