Nutrition plays an important part in good heart health. It can help prevent and in some cases reverse some cardiovascular issues. Washington Health System has certified Registered Dietitians that can provide you with the tools to keep your heart healthy. Below are just a few of the educational resources that are available to patients. For more information or to schedule an appointment with a registered dietitian, visit, call (724) 250-5203 or email the Nutritional Coordinator , Andie Lugg,

National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute Informational Sheets:

Your Guide to a Healthy Heart


Nutrition Informational Recourses:

Aim for Healthy Weight

The Weigh to Win: Weight Loss Basics

Lowering your Cholesterol with TLC

Food Cravings

Portion Size Matters

Control Fiber Facts: Gut Function, Heart Health, Blood Sugar

Hypertension: How to Lower Your Blood Pressure Naturally

Lowering your Blood Pressure with DASH

Recipe Recourses:

Keep the Beat Recipes: Family Meals

Keep the Beat Recipes: Delicious Healthy Dinners

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